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This training is co-sponsored by ASTTI and Dominican University.


Program Overview


We are pleased to be offering a two year advanced certification in Analytic Somatic Psychotherapy in cooperation with Dominican University. The training will be conducted in two (2) one-year segments. One weekend training session will be held each month except during the winter holidays and the month of August.

Year 1 - Basic Certification in Analytic Somatic Therapy- 160 hours over 10 months

Year 2- Advanced Certification in Analytic Somatic Therapy- 160 hours over 10 months

The Certification will be provided by The Analytic Somatic Therapy Training Institute, with Continuing Education credits provided by Dominican University of California. Continuing Education credits will be available to those professionals requesting them.

Basic Certification in Analytic Somatic Therapy - Year 1

Start Date: Oct. 28, 29th, 2017

The start date: October 28th is subject to change based on enrollment numbers. Training will be scheduled when a minimum of 15 participants are enrolled.

Who Should Register

All levels of social workers and mental health professionals who have a master’s degree or higher in the mental health field and are licensed or certified by a state or national board which authorizes independent practice. Graduate level interns/trainees who are engaged in graduate level course work at an accredited school and are on a licensing track under state sanctioned supervision by a licensed clinician may attend.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  1. Understand and experience the foundations of Somatic Psychotherapy: Grounding, Boundaries, Breath, Emotion, and Presence.
  2. Utilize somatic countertransference to inform psychotherapeutic interventions.
  3. Use grounding and presence in the practice of psychotherapy.
  4. Evaluate the client's body to inform interventions.
  5. Understand the role of trauma in the body.
  6. Evaluate the somatic expression of trauma in the therapy setting.
  7. Practice somatic techniques and interventions with your clients.


Course Content


Class One: How to Be Here Now

Exercises: Grounding; boundaries; breath; range of emotions; intention to be here; energetic presence.

Lecture: Freud, Reich, and Lowen: The Foundations of an Analytic, Somatic Therapy


Class Two: The Formation of a Grounded Self

Exercises: (working in dyads) Standing, observing movement and feeling shifts. How we walk with ease. Observing upper and lower body energy consonance. Breathe and bend.

Lecture: The Radical Body Awareness of Melanie Klein


Class Three: The Self and the Function of Boundary

Exercises: The boundary exercise, breathe and bend, pushing away, etc.

Lecture: D.W. Winnicott: The Body and The True/False Self


Class Four: The Self and the Function of Breath

Exercises: Breathe and bend: Breath upper, middle, lower; Reich’s pelvic breath.

Lecture: Breath in Spiritual Practice and the Movement of Energy


Class Five; The Self and the Body of Emotions

Exercises: Expressing emotion; observing held emotion; observing energetic traps.

Lecture: Emotions and the Body


Class Six: The Body Self in Couple’s Work

Exercises: Standing work; approach; resistance; support.

Lecture: Body Communications and the Intimacy Split


Class Seven: The Body Self in Couples Work

Exercises: Seeing trauma in the body; active relaxation; sensitization.

Lecture: Trauma and Working with Trauma through the Relationship


Class Eight: The Body Self and Observing Energy Blocks

Exercises: Seeing energy and absence of energy; touching the gaps.

Lecture: How to Observe Energy in the Body


Class Nine: Working with the Body Lying Down

Exercises: Seven ways to touch. (Also, how to not touch.)

Lecture: Appropriate Behavior and California Psychological Guidelines


Class Ten: Reflections on the Training, Review, and Observation



John Conger, PhD, is a Psychoanalyst, Licensed Psychologist and International Trainer in Bioenergetic Analysis who has been integrating Bioenergetics with Analytic Psychology since 1982. He is the author of Jung and Reich: The Body as Shadow (1988) and The Body in Recovery: Somatic Psychotherapy and the Self (1994). He was editor of the International Journal of Bioenergetic Analysis (1997-2004). He has taught classes in Freud, Jung, Reich, Somatic Psychotherapy, Jungian Dream Interpretation, and the History of Psychology in local graduate schools for many years including California Institute of Integral Studies and Meridian University.


Drew Hutchinson, MFT, is a Marriage and Family Therapist with 15 years of experience providing psychotherapy services to individuals and couples. Drew specializes in energetic/somatic psychotherapy with couples. Following his training in Somatic Therapy and Bioenergetics with Dr. John Conger, Drew helped to found the Analytic Somatic Therapy Training Institute, a non-profit dedicated to providing advanced training in Analytic Somatic Psychotherapy in the San Francisco Bay Area. Drew is also an adjunct professor and lecturer currently teaching counseling psychology at Dominican University of California and John F. Kennedy University. He has also lectured at the Wright Institute and The Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley.


Course Details

  • Location: Dominican University of California, Meadowlands Hall, Room 106
  • CE Credits*: 160 CE credits will be awarded, 80 CE credits after the end each five- session segment.
  • Cost: $3,600 due on acceptance of enrollment
  • Course Cancellation: Cancellations are subject to a $360 processing fee and must be received 30 days before the start of the first workshop to be eligible for a refund.


To register, please contact Rani Devadassan,  Program Manager at Dominican University of California,,  or visit to fill out a registration form.


The Department of Counseling Psychology at Dominican University of California is approved by the California Psychological Association to provide continuing professional education for psychologists. Dominican maintains responsibility for this program and its content. The Board of Behavioral Sciences now recognizes CPA PAS CE credit for MFT and LCSW license renewal.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT CE CREDITS: Those who attend this workshop in full and complete the appropriate evaluation form will receive CE credits. Please note that credit will only be granted to those who attend the entire workshop. Those arriving more than 15 minutes after the start time or leaving before the workshop is completed will not receive CE credit. No credit is given for partial attendance.

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